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"inclusive Impactivity" at the wall

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

WolfPack Climb is a new monthly inclusive climbing session for all levels, with and without disabilities

We believe in inclusion and diversity at Mountain Extreme.

Inclusion is a pro-active behavior. It should be more than a value we write on mission statements. We need to create more options and actions to make people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities feel welcome, respected and that they belong at the wall.

This is why it was a great moment for all of us at the wall to welcome @teamangelwolf for their first #Wolfpack climb session.

The afternoon went by so fast, full of inclusion, teamwork, fun and achievements - Inclusive Impactivity!

The group had 6 participants, of different ages and abilities, learning to climb together.

What is WolfPack Climb ?

Wolfpack Climb is a free, community, inclusive activity, held once a month.

It is an opportunity to experience indoor rock climbing, as a community, ‘together’ with inclusion.

Wolfpack Climb will invite children/adults with and without disabilities, to experience indoor climbing together in small groups. It is all about teamwork and helping each other in games; from identifying equipment (helmet, harness, shoes, etc), getting used to the sensation of wearing the equipment, to then climbing activities where everyone has a role to support each other, figuring out routes and to keep each other safe AND most importantly have fun!

Most importantly!

It’s not about volunteering, it’s about participating 'together' with inclusion as a community.

If your family/school/centre would like to participate in this program or any of our other community inclusive activities, then please WhatsApp: 055 9982000

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