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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

In order to ensure everyone’s health and safety and keep Mountain Extreme COVID free we ask all our members to read the rules below carefully.

  • All members must update their waiver information through their Member app.

  • If you have any COVID symptoms please do not come to the wall.

  • Have your temperature checked on arrival ( above 38c will not be allowed in)

  • Wear your mask except when participating in strenuous exercise.

  • Bring your own Petzl harness and shoes, we will not be lending harness or shoes

  • Please note that you will only be able to climb with Petzl harnesses as we can't inspect other brands

  • Please arrive ready to climb where possible and bring minimal bags into the centre.

  • On arrival you must check in. If there is a queue you must queue responsibly. There will be fast track check in and a queue indicated if you need a staff member.

  • Fast Track: For pre-booked sessions you will be able to check-in with reception. Make sure you have an up to date photo on your Member profile.

  • You must sanitize your hands and feet before entering the matted area.

  • Only use liquid chalk

  • Do not share your equipment

  • Maintain social distancing.

  • Climb in a free area, avoid grouping in one area or route

  • No shirtless climbing

  • Clean your equipment with provided materials.

  • If you develop any COVID symptoms whilst in the gym please alert a member of staff.

  • Bring you own towels and do not share.

  • Bring your own water bottles and do not share.


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