Our Team


Gabi I am originally from Brazil and moved to Dubai around six years ago to work as a flight attendant. I spend my free time going to dance classes, practicing yoga and going to the gym. I am not a cook, but on an ideal day I would take some time to prepare a beautiful, delicious, and healthy breakfast before going to the beach.


Rachel Before devoting myself as a Barista I worked as a Property Specialist. I enjoy most of my free time at the beach, practicing stand-up paddle, kite surfing, and wake surfing. I drink more coffee than I eat.


Andrian I love sharing my passion for climbing. I have been coaching in gyms in Kuala Lumpur for the past 5 years and also route setting for the youth climbing league. I believe in giving back and have been very involved with different NGOs to help those in need during the Covid pandemic. I specialize in beginner Coaching, Technique Development Coaching, Young Climbers, and Family Groups.


Ajij I have been climbing for the past 12 years and had the honor to represent India at the IFSC Mumbai Bouldering World Championships. I’m also an avid yogi and believe that has helped my climbing tremendously, especially my recovery. I specialize in performance Coaching, Technique Workshops, Strength and Conditioning for Climbing, Competition Prep, and Yoga for climbers.


Wasel I was studying Communication back home in Yemen and used to work as a Sales Representative. I enjoy playing football, watching movies, going to the beach and restaurants. Traveling is one of my passions.


Jupiter I’ve been working as a Barista Supervisor for 7 years. I like watching movies and swimming. I enjoy interacting with different kinds of people and I am a music lover.