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 GCSe Climbing

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If you run PE classes at a GCSE school or your child is taking his GCSE this year, you will be delighted to learn that we deliver he EdEXCEL syllabus for the GCSE PE (Indoor Climbing) as part of Adventurous Activities.

The aim of the Mountain Extreme Climbing Academy is to develop competent climbers and provide a uniformed scheme for climbing development in the UAE. Mountain Extreme Climbing Academy scheme is split into three levels.


Each level progressively introduces skills, knowledge and responsibilities which build upon the previous level.

Candidates receive a colourful log book which guides them through the scheme. Once each level is completed they receive a certificate.



The assessment must enable the student to demonstrate their level of technical ability in order to overcome increasingly demanding and challenging situations and problems.

Students must log and demonstrate climbs that are appropriate for their ability.

GCSE candidates who have already achieved levels of the Mountain Extreme Climbing Academy still require a formal assessment under GCSE criteria and must demonstrate the required number of skills to achieve high grades.

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