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Why do we only use petzl PPE at the wall?

Petzl harnesses at the gear store

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rules

While all PPE normally is built in a similar fashion as they have to meet the same standard, the issue we have as a gym operator is that under the new EU regulation 2016/425 we would need all different brands/manufacturers to extend services specifically outlined within the Regulation.

This includes but not only: continuous feedback on their products, specific training on inspection per item from manufacturer (which extends beyond the Technical Data sheet which is included with every item) and traceability aids. This is all part of the this regulation and this is what is expected by local regulator.

PPE Inspection

Petzl provides our instructors and staff with a solid PPE inspection training course which allows our qualified staff to inspect Petzl PPE belonging to individual climbers before their climb. This is part of our and the manufacturer’s duty of care which is now codified as part of the European Regs. No other manufacturer provides a solid PPE inspection training course approved by Dubai Municipality and local Safety authorities. We’ve always welcome other suppliers to provide the same service – to this date none are interested in doing their job thoroughly by extending after market services to their products.

PPE Management

Currently, excluding PETZL all other manufacturers nor their reps in the region carry out training services on their gear which means we have NO efficient way of keeping track of possible product recalls and returns from other manufacturers. Inspection is one side of PPE management, traceability is the other which allows us to manage the risk inherent to the use of PPE. In the case of our members and Drop In visitors this really only means the harness.

In all cases we can always rent or lend harnesses to members and visitors alike if they don’t have Petzl harnesses – this protects you and us and ensures a safe visit at our facility.


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