Climbing Wall Etiquette

When enrolling in a class or as a member of Mountain Extreme Sports Llc, Dubai, you agree to follow and adhere to the climbing wall rules and etiquette as laid out below.


  • Respect each other, and the staff - Climbing is an inclusive sport. Everyone is welcome! With that in mind bullying, foul language, and abusive behaviour won't be tolerated

  • Be aware of your surroundings - If you don't look out for obstacles you'll become one yourself!

  • Bouldering mats are not sofas, or dinner tables - Please don't take your recovery rest under climbing routes, and only eat and drink in designated areas

  • Dress appropriately - Nobody wants to see your abs.Tops on at all times please!

  • Look before you climb - Some routes and boulder problems overlap. Climbing across other climbers increases the risk of injury and forcing the other climber off route

  • Don't climb barefoot - Yuck!

  • Don't use the toilets in your climbing shoes or barefoot - Yuck!

  • Don't be late - Nobody wants their endurance workout or yoga class to be delayed because of a late arrival. If you arrive after the warm up, you might not be allowed to join the class. Sorry!

Classes Etiquette

  • Please use the storage provided for bags etc – they are not permitted on the matted floor. Members are responsible for their own belongings whilst visiting

  • Mobile phones are not permitted whilst climbing or during a class

  • All equipment must be treated with respect. 

  • You may not participate in a class when under the influence and/or impaired – this includes medication.

  • Only our instructors are permitted to train members at the wall.

  • Clients must keep their personal contact details up to date at all times. Any changes should be made to the members’ area of our booking system

  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted.

  • If you have any health concerns, please consult a doctor.

  • We reserve the right to stop a member’s ability to be able to pre-book classes if the member persistently does not show up.

We aim to maintain a clean, friendly and welcoming environment.  Ultimately climbing is about personal responsibility. Please be safe and considerate to your fellow climbers. This will help make it an enjoyable session for all!