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Once you have mastered top rope belay, now comes climbing at the sharp end of the rope.


You will receive advice on how to safely tie-in, belay and anticipate your climber’s falls.


The advance nature of the skill means smaller classes with a 1:2 instructor ratio.


Our UK qualified coach will give you an in-depth guide to the equipment and the seemingly
endless variations when it comes to belay devices, ropes, quickdraws, harness and slings.


This a two part course, 2hrs each and you must be able to take part in both to get lead qualified.


Please note – this course is only suitable for climbers with experience of belaying/top rope
climbing (e.g. someone who has completed a beginners course).


Anyone without this level of competence will not be able to take part.


AED 700 
Two x 2 hours sessions
Cost for 2 people

Includes all required gear

Session | ONE

  • Correct fitting of PPE

  • Rethreaded fig 8 + stopper knot

  • Rope management

  • Correct clipping (z clips/back clips/between shoulder and waist)

  • Clipping the lower off

  • Correct use of GriGri

  • Mock leading

Session | TWO

  • Recap of part one

  • Leading (on the sharp end)

  • Hazards (leg around rope)

  • Falling and lowering

  • Communication

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