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Unsupervised junior climbers

Once a young person reaches 14 years old they can potentially become unsupervised climbers at Mountain Extreme.

This means that they will be able to book and climb at any time without the need for adult supervision.

Experienced junior climbers can register as full users of the gym. These young people can climb with ropes and boulder in the gym.


Before registration is granted, the young person's skills will be assessed by a Mountain Extreme instructor. Prospective junior competent climbers will be required to demonstrate that they can:

  • Attend Bouldering 101 and Climbing 101 classes

  • Safely and correctly put on a climbing harness.

  • Tie the rope onto the harness 

  • Belay suitably.

  • Show an awareness of the rules and inherent dangers associated with the sport and the gym.

Each young person MUST have an assumption of risk form signed by their parents (not a nanny, older sibling, driver, friends etc.). Young people without this signed form will not be allowed to climb.

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