Drop in Sessions are Back

If you are an experienced climber, no need for classes come for a drop-in session

For experienced climbers, no need for membership, or to book yourself into a Climbing Experience Session with an instructor. If you feel confident about your climbing or bouldering skills just book yourself into any Drop-In session time slots and climb alone or with your friends.

Who is it for?

Any climber, who already has some experience indoors and knows how to safely boulder and use an auto-belay.

You should be 18 years-old or above or have a paying adult climb with you if you are above 16 years-old.

How long can I climb?

Drop-in sessions are scheduled every day, each session is 4 hours long.

If you come at the beginning of the session you can enjoy the entire 4 hours.

Climbing is only permitted until the end of the booked Drop-In Session, so make sure you arrive on time to enjoy the full 4-hours.

How does it work?

The process is simple,

Before your booking:

  • Create your client profile online through the GLOFOX App

  • Signed the waiver and add a profile photo

  • Select your Drop-In session and pay the booking fee

  • Fill the self-assessment form in the booking confirmation email

On the day

  • Come 15min before your booking to check-in, and get your Petzl harness inspected

  • If you don't have a Petzl harness, no problem, one will be lent to you (at no extra charger) for the duration of your session

  • Forgot your climbing shoes? We got you, a pair will be lent to you (at no extra charge) for your session

  • Take a safety induction

  • Enjoy your climb!

Drop-in sessions are open to anyone above 18 years-old (or 16 if accompanied by a paying adult). Full terms and conditions are available online

If you have any questions feel free to call (04-236 6040) or email shop@mtnextreme.com for more info.

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